From new beginnings in Swindon, to our expansion across Europe and achieving Google Cloud acclaim as their Partner of the Year, Appsbroker strives to deliver extraordinary results with extraordinary people at the heart of every project.

In this blog, the Managing Director of Appsbroker Europe GmbH, Olaf Von Der Ahe, looks back at the early months of our newest operation based in Germany to evaluate its progress.

Towards the end of last year, I accepted the task of helping to make Appsbroker Europe GmbH go from a dream to becoming a reality. Now, eight months after the official launch and shortly before my summer holiday, I want to summarise the thoughts I’ve gathered during this period.

For the start of 2022, I was mainly busy setting up the organisation based in Wiesbaden, implementing the operational processing and consolidating the foundations of our European cooperation with our partner, Google Cloud. Team Purple in the UK supported me considerably and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their time, effort and professional cooperation. The cooperation and many project successes in the UK help me and my colleagues open up the local market.

Wiesbaden, one of the oldest spa towns in Europe, where Appsbroker Europe GmbH is based.

How has the team grown in 2022?

Once the early administrative side of the business was set up and agreed upon, our recruitment team began hiring the best talent. They consistently recruit new, high-calibre employees each month, and we’re hungry to keep growing. 

Join Appsbroker Europe: Visit our Appsbroker careers page

I’m excited to hear from anyone who wants to work with people who respect them as much as they are and, as the world opens back up, is eager to experience new opportunities together. Everyone at Appsbroker is geared up to work using agile methods, and as one of the largest Agile Systems Integrators in EMEA, we’re sure you’ll thrive in our fast-paced, results-driven culture.

But we’re not just looking for talented individuals who bring more to our teams – we’re looking for people who enjoy using Google Cloud tech to create added value for our customers. 

How is Appsbroker adapting to life in Germany?

Appsbroker Europe has quickly established a relationship built on trust with our partners at Google Cloud, through foundations laid through more than a decade of success in the UK. In June, we welcomed German digital native Smart Host as our first client and I’m pleased to report that both sides are collaborating successfully.

In addition to helping clients achieve positive outcomes with Google Cloud and our Cloud Assure and FinOps services, we’re also working with colleagues in the UK and Romania on several interesting projects. For example, we’re currently putting together a PoC for a client’s switch from an on-premise environment to Google Cloud, demonstrating why Looker is more efficient than their current AWS environment.

What Appsbroker events are planned for 2022?

I recently visited the UK to be part of the Appsbroker Summer Social event at Cirencester Park Polo Club which was a fun experience to meet new colleagues for the first time and of course take part in a game or two of bike polo, which has become synonymous with life at Appsbroker over the years.

Appsbroker Europe GmbH Olaf Von Der Ahe enjoys some time out with #TeamPurple for a competitive game of bike polo

After my summer holiday, it will be time to get back on the bike just in time for the Tour de Alps. Not to be confused with the Tour de France (although several landmarks have featured in previous years), this annual Appsbroker event sees customers and company employees cycle together across four days, in and amongst some breathtaking French scenery.

I’m not sure if the high altitudes will benefit me, but it’s worth trying. Of course, things always improve in a team and there’ll be plenty of time for a drink or two afterwards.

Speaking of which, Appsbroker Europe is delighted to welcome you to our first Oktoberfest event in Munich. Please join me, along with my colleagues, customers and guests from Google in Germany, as we talk all things Security and Data, with innovative solutions for a tech-savvy Digital Native audience. Register your interest here.

How would you describe the Appsbroker experience so far?

Without a doubt, being part of Appsbroker has been an incredible journey. I’ve met many new people, and experienced a new understanding of partnership. I’ve also learned new things and celebrated an incredible summer party with new colleagues and friends. 

But most of all, we want to continue working together to welcome new customers and employees to #TeamPurple, with continued success planned for Appsbroker in 2023. In the meantime, you can follow us on LinkedIn.

Thank you.