Here at Appsbroker, we’re always looking for new innovative ways to develop and grow our people. As a result, we’ve launched our new Buddy Programme to encourage knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration within the business. 

What is the Buddy Programme?

The Buddy Program is Appsbroker’s new valuable ‘answer’ to a workplace mentorship programme! 

We’re asking our employees to register their interest and complete a short application consisting of a few questions. These questions will help us find the perfect pairing. 

Currently it’s at its infant stages, but we have aspirations for networking events and mentorship training in the near future should this be a huge success. A recent study by the WELL Foundation found that workplace mentors/buddies schemes offer employees the opportunity to network, share knowledge, and build relationships that can help them succeed in their career. In addition, these schemes often result in reduced stress levels, improved morale, and greater work-life balance.

Why has Appsbroker launched a Buddy Programme?

It is vital for all of us in the business to learn and grow. Appsbroker hire smart people – so it would be a shame not to share the knowledge within the business as we work towards this common goal. A mentorship programme is a ‘give and grow’ partnership; as the person being mentored receives help and advice from the mentor, the mentor also grows in their knowledge and skills as they help others.

When asking our employees what they think will make their life better at Appsbroker, learning opportunities and coaching is always something that is called out. Employee development is key – and a mentorship programme provides an excellent way to do this whilst creating a sense of community within the workplace.

It’s important to retain knowledge within the business in order to maintain a competitive edge and to ensure that our employees have the opportunities to develop and grow as individuals. As such, we’re hoping this programme will help employees progress within their current role, or even horizontally into a completely different department. 

Our Internal Recruiter, Will Louzado, is currently learning new technical skills beyond his role in recruitment. Not only does it pave the way for a broader career path, it also helps with finding great people to come and work at Appsbroker!

Watch this video to find out more:


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