March 31st is World Backup Day, a reminder of just how crucial it is for businesses to have robust data backup and recovery solutions in place. With cyber threats continually evolving and data breaches becoming more widespread, organisations will look to prevent data breaches with Google Cloud security by prioritising vital data.

The costs of getting it wrong are staggering. According to IBM’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach report, the average total cost of a data breach reached an all-time high of $4.35 million last year. Breaches result in damaging consequences like lost revenue, litigation, reputational damage, regulatory fines, and more. 

How Do Threat Actors Enter An Environment?

Mandiant Intelligence analysed 246 vulnerabilities that were exploited between 2021 and 2022 and found that sixty-two percent (153) of the vulnerabilities were first exploited as zero-day vulnerabilities, while ransomware attacks occur on average every 11 seconds. With remote work now widespread, the expanding attack surface provides more opportunities for malicious actors.

So what can business leaders do to safeguard your organisation’s present and future? Working with a Premier Google Partner helps prevent data breaches and reduce security risks by allowing enterprises to back up and manage their data securely. 

We spoke with a security expert from Google Cloud to find out more.

Google Cloud is a leader in data security, compliance, and privacy. Security is core to Google Cloud’s design, with encryption of data at rest and in transit, and a private software supply chain. 

“Customer data is automatically encrypted at rest and in transit without compromising performance, and Google Cloud’s global secure network is built with a robust security posture in mind,” says Mike Smith, CIO at Appsbroker & CTS. 

“Stringent access controls, intrusion detection, and encryption keep your data safe. Google Cloud meets world-class certifications, audits, and standards for data security and compliance across industries and regions. You benefit from enterprise-grade cybersecurity without having to build it yourself.”

Five Ways to Protect Your Data and Prevent Data Breaches With Google Cloud Security

1. Feel Secure With Robust Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud offers fully managed, enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Cloud Backup and DR protect your data from ransomware, accidental deletions, operational disruptions and other threats. Automated backup scheduling and one-click DR orchestration help keep your data safe and available when you need it.

2. Experience More Comprehensive Data Security

Beyond just backup, Google Cloud provides a holistic data security platform. Cloud Data Loss Prevention discovers, inspects, and helps protect sensitive data across your entire cloud footprint. Advanced real-time content inspection and automated data classification safeguard your most valuable assets.

3. Benefit From Industry-Leading Encryption

All Google Cloud services encrypt data at rest and in transit by default, with various encryption key management options to meet your needs. Whether managed by Google or maintained by your administrators, encryption keeps your information secure in the cloud.

4. Take Advantage of Powerful Access Controls 

Granular access controls allow you to define exactly who and what has access to resources. Google Cloud’s Identity and Access Management enables you to create single or multi-cloud deployments connected through a unified identity model.

5. Get Better In-Depth Visibility and Analytics

Google Cloud’s monitoring, logging, and security analytics solutions provide full-stack visibility into your environment. Spot potential threats early with real-time security insights, and take quick action to protect your business.

In our data-driven world, backups are essential for business resilience and continuity. According to research by Veeam, 58% of backups fail, leaving organisations unable to recover data. 

This World Backup Day, take your data protection to the next level with Google Cloud’s powerful yet simple security solutions. Proactively manage risk, strengthen compliance, and reduce the burden on overstretched IT teams.

The future of your organisation may depend on making the right cloud choice. Our experts help leading organisations to securely backup, encrypt, and control access to your vital data assets and prevent data breaches with Google Cloud security. Contact us today to get started.