For many organisations, 2020 highlighted the increased urgency of moving to the Cloud. Despite this, taking the time to ensure your business’ cloud environment is correctly configured from day one is often overlooked. Read on as we explore the role of cloud landing zones in digital transformation, and explain how we can help.

When you sign up to any hyperscale cloud provider, you’re effectively given a blank canvas. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that proper cloud configuration can get left by the wayside. 

However, getting the basics right is vital to ensure your business’ workloads can be continually deployed successfully. 

In fact, depending on your business’ sector, not having a cloud landing zone in place from the very beginning can have a detrimental impact. Let’s take the example of a financial services institution, where stringent regulatory requirements and security measures are critical to the organisation’s day to day operational activities.

Now imagine if that organisation didn’t take the time to set up a suitable cloud landing zone at the very start of its cloud journey. Neglecting all of the operational, security, traceability and compliance measures that go hand in hand with a cloud landing zone could land this organisation in hot water in the likely event of a regulatory review or formal investigation.

And it’s not just financial institutions that can fall victim to this. The majority of, if not all sectors require a baseline for their cloud environment to ensure consistency, security, and traceability should the unexpected occur. Realistically, this is not simply a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’. The good news is there are steps you can take to ensure your organisation is prepared at all times.

What is a cloud landing zone?

Cloud landing zones, or cloud foundations, is a modular approach to setting up your cloud environment designed to directly address this challenge.

But what does a cloud landing zone look like in practice, and how does it work? Read on to find out more.

Why does my business need a cloud landing zone?

Cloud landing zones ensure your business asks the right questions and makes important decisions about how it will deploy, secure, and govern its cloud environment.

Having a cloud landing zone in place allows your organisation to achieve the following benefits:

A cloud landing zone provides the baseline for success across all of your cloud environments, so that you can feel confident deploying workloads to the Cloud.

Setting up your cloud landing zone before deploying your critical workloads provides your organisation with the scalability to meet changing business requirements fast.

Cost Control
Taking the time to establish a cloud landing zone in the beginning enables your business to gain greater control and visibility on cloud spend – allowing you to invest resources where they really matter.

Having a cloud landing zone from the start ensures your business’ efforts are traceable, helping you to stay safe, secure and compliant to avoid headaches later on.

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Google Cloud landing zones: What’s covered?

A typical Appsbroker Google Cloud landing zone provides an IT environment enabling rapid access to cloud infrastructure (including Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service) on Google Cloud.

We build our landing zones in a scalable and secure way, enabling workload migration or to build net new, depending on your organisation’s unique requirements.

Our comprehensive, guided approach to requirements gathering helps your organisation meet its objectives across functional and non-functional requirements, industry compliance, regulation, and the law. 

In addition, our best practice design and implementation framework ensures your cloud landing zone is rolled out successfully – developed from our extensive knowledge and experience building enterprise-grade solutions since 2006.

Introducing Appsbroker Cloud Landing Zones

At Appsbroker, we recognise the challenges associated with moving your critical workloads to the Cloud. However, we’re also passionate about the value it can bring to an organisation – enabling your business to innovate, scale, and optimise its IT operations.

Setting up your cloud environment the right way is key to delivering these benefits, yet so often these are missed or the true value of a cloud landing zone isn’t recognised. That’s why we created a comprehensive enterprise transformation framework that empowers organisations to get more from Google Cloud.

Using our tried and tested framework for success, your business can kick-start its journey to the Cloud with confidence, enjoying the benefits of Google Cloud for many years to come.

Download our fact sheet to find out more about our revolutionary approach to cloud landing zones.

How we can help you establish your cloud landing zone

At Appsbroker, we have over 12 years of experience creating cloud landing zones for our customers across multiple sectors and industries.

Using our landing zone philosophy, we can help you identify and define your cloud foundations requirements in detail, before rolling out your ideal cloud landing zone to ensure your workloads can be deployed consistently and at scale.

For more information and advice on starting your cloud journey in line with best practice – and to avoid making the common mistakes – click the button below.

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