There are numerous benefits associated with the Cloud, and yet, spiralling costs can outweigh these fast if billing isn’t managed effectively. Discover how Cloud Assure customers are transforming their cloud cost management and unlocking innovation.

A recent Flexera report into the state of the Cloud in 2020 revealed that executives estimate at least 30% of their cloud spend is wasted. This stat is hardly surprising when you consider the number of competing priorities your teams typically handle on a daily basis (besides billing).

The good news is with a trusted Google Cloud billing partner and cutting edge cloud cost management tools at your disposal, getting a handle on your cloud billing is well in reach. Read on to find out how.

Take control of spiralling cloud costs in an instant

Without a dedicated billing management service and intuitive tools to track spend, cloud wastage can easily slip under the radar. While taking your eyes off the ball short-term is unlikely to be disastrous for your business, if neglected for longer periods of time, it can become a drain on your resources (and budget) fast.

Exclusive to Appsbroker, Cloud Assure takes the burden of Google Cloud billing management away from your teams, so that they can focus on what matters the most.

With Cloud Assure, your organisation can enjoy consistent monthly billing for all Google Cloud instances from a single source, making it easier to predict and manage spend. Visibility on spend becomes a problem of the past, with analysis, forecasting and alerts all readily available through our intuitive GCP billing app. 

Download our new checklist, ‘5 Steps to Taking Control of Your Cloud Costs’ today to discover how your business can cost-optimise in the cloud in 2021 and beyond.

Leverage Professional Services vouchers to accelerate speed to innovation

Once your organisation starts leveraging Cloud Assure to manage its GCP billing, you can begin earning Professional Services vouchers and unlock discounts.

You can redeem Professional Services vouchers against a wide range of services and consultancy needs to build upon and expand your business offerings. For example, you could use the vouchers to establish new innovations such as machine learning and AI, enhance your security infrastructure, or begin a long-awaited application development project.

As more and more organisations undertake their journeys to the Cloud, continuing to evolve and innovate to stay ahead of the competition has never been more crucial. Fortunately, Cloud Assure’s multifaceted approach to cloud cost optimisation makes this possible.

Discover how Appsbroker can help you achieve cloud cost efficiency in your organisation and unlock long-term cost savings.

Gain direct access to certified Google Cloud experts

With access to a range of certified Google Cloud experts across Application Modernisation, Data Modernisation, Infrastructure Modernisation and Collaboration, Cloud Assure Professional Services vouchers can give your business the confidence to roll out business-critical services on Google Cloud.

Perhaps your first machine learning project is stuck in the proof of concept phase, and you need some help taking it to the next level in production. Or maybe your new engineering recruits would benefit from a dedicated training crash course in GCP – delivered by one of our Google Cloud experts.

No matter your business challenge, Cloud Assure is so much more than a cloud cost management tool. At Appsbroker, we adopt a holistic approach to every single engagement, because we know first-hand that the underlying power of Google Cloud technologies can have a transformative impact across every corner of your business.

Appsbroker team outside the Swindon office

Accelerate your journey to the Cloud and manage your GCP billing

As Google Cloud’s largest Managed Service Provider (MSP) in EMEA, we’re dedicated to helping our customers get more from their GCP spend and maximise the capabilities that Google Cloud has to offer.

We’re experts in solving our customers’ digital transformation challenges across multiple industries – whether that’s managing and optimising GCP billing, accelerating customers’ journeys to Google Cloud with Cloud Landing Zones, or rolling out machine learning projects into production – with a laser focus on generating tangible business value and ROI.

If you’re eager to take control of your Google Cloud cost management and leverage complementary Professional Services vouchers to accelerate innovation, we can help!

Inspired to optimise your business’ cloud costs? Download our new checklist to discover five ways to reduce your cloud costs, streamline billing operations, and free up resources in 2021.

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