Appsbroker achieves Certified B Corporation status. Effective April 2023, this Swindon-based IT services provider joins a global community of over 6,500 businesses dedicated to creating a positive impact on both people and the planet.

What does Certified B Corporation status mean for customers and employees?

This verified designation includes a pledge to build upon standards in areas such as governance, which looks at a company’s overall mission. It also focuses on workers (known as Team Purple), the local community and the environment.

The Appsbroker journey to B Corporation status hasn’t happened overnight. In fact, this award marks a significant achievement in the life of this founder-lead company that started life back in 2006, and continues today, driven by core values of pace, care and excellence. When combined, they define how the business and its people agree to continually delight customers. They also challenge everyone to find new and more innovative ways to be a force for good.

“At its heart, Appsbroker is a family-run business,” says Mike Conner, Founder and CEO. “It was my intention, right from the beginning, to set up a business that had the care of its people first and foremost. I firmly believe that if we do everything in our power to ensure that our workplace is happy, our customers and colleagues will all benefit.”

How does B Corporation status improve a business and the wider community?

With a need to keep up with the requirements of a continuously evolving B Impact Assessment B Corporation certifications are reviewed every three years. To stay above its current 80-point score, which includes a 4.9/5 for its stewardship of customers through the quality of its products and services, Appsbroker has committed to improving its existing high standard of practices.

See a breakdown of our score on the B Corporation website

“Our business purpose is underpinned by our intention to positively impact everything we do,” explains Charlie Conner, BSS&I Director at Appsbroker. “We endeavour to meet the highest social and environmental performance standards, transparency, and accountability. As a business we desire to be a force for good, that makes the world a better place for future generations.”

As Appsbroker achieves Certified B Corporation status, it is excited to develop a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy via the B Corp movement.

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About Appsbroker

Appsbroker is the largest Google Cloud-only System Integrator in Europe, with offices in UK, Germany and Romania. We have over fifteen years of experience working with innovators seeking to leverage the power of Google Cloud and deliver impactful business outcomes.  

We’re obsessed with delivering extraordinary experiences for our customers, colleagues and partners. We strive for greatness by delivering digital transformation for brands quickly. We build lasting relationships with customers who share our passion for making great ideas happen through guidance, ingenuity and support.

As an Agile Systems Integrator (ASI), we deliver projects with our customers, not to our customers, based on a shared fate model. By being jointly responsible for your results, we can better collaborate to achieve rapid outcomes with measurable business value and complement customers’ teams with our Google Cloud experience and capability to develop your skills. #expectextraordinary