Since 2018, Appsbroker has been servicing German customers from both the UK and Romania. Having now achieved Managed Services Provider status in Europe, Appsbroker Europe GmbH can deliver rapid solutions reliably at speed and scale, professionally and with an agile approach, backed by the additional opportunities as part of the Google Cloud Managed Services Provider Initiative.

This initiative is geared toward Premier Level partners like Appsbroker, which are authorised for the Partner Advantage Sell or Service Engagement Models for Google Cloud, and who manage applications and support services for customers. The MSP Initiative rewards participating partners who deliver value-added managed services for Google Cloud and provides resources for them to enhance their capabilities continuously.

“European customers can now benefit from more than 15 years of experience…”

“Especially during the current economic climate, companies should not leave their success to chance,” says Appsbroker Founder and CEO Mike Conner. “Costly overheads can hamper future financial performance and distract from the true nature of driving noted change through innovation. I’m excited for the future of Appsbroker Europe as it enters its second operating year, and I look forward to working with innovators to help free up their teams and achieve more with a Managed Services Provider that’s driven by people, process and technology.”

CEO Mike Conner (L) meets MD of Appsbroker Europe Olaf Von Der Ahe (R) in Germany

“This achievement caps off a successful year for Appsbroker in Europe,” according to Olaf Von Der Ahe, Managing Director at Appsbroker Europe GmbH. “As a Managed Services Provider, European customers can now benefit from more than 15 years of experience and access various Google Cloud funding and Customer Engineering support. These incentives are attractive for companies looking to increase RAMP and drive innovation using Google Cloud technologies, with a trusted partner on-hand to support them en route to greater self-sufficiency.”

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Achieve More with Google Managed Services

As a Google Cloud partner, Appsbroker Europe can now offer new and existing customers the chance to take greater control of their billing and support services, with access to dedicated Service Delivery Managers in place to keep customer projects on track and on budget.

Key features include:

  • Drive efficiency
  • Improve security
  • Improve performance
  • Manage risk
  • Reduce cost

If you would like to find out more about Google Managed Services with Appsbroker Europe, email us or visit our website.

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What is Cloud Managed Services?

Cloud managed services is the outsourcing of the day-to-day management of cloud-based services and technical support to an authorised partner like Appsbroker.. A Managed Services Provider (“MSP”) delivers services such as infrastructure, application and network ongoing management, maintenance, and support. 

Appsbroker brings value by simplifying complex cloud challenges for organisations, backed by a high level of expertise and experience and are involved in the many stages of the end users’ cloud transformation journey. Across the board, MSPs are accelerating the adoption of cloud services by their customers—and Appsbroker keeps pace by continually evolving our capabilities to respond to customer demand.

About Appsbroker

Appsbroker is the largest Google Cloud-only System Integrator in Europe, with offices in UK, Germany and Romania. We have over fifteen years of experience working with innovators seeking to leverage the power of Google Cloud and deliver impactful business outcomes.

For more information, please contact or visit our website.