In today’s world, uncertainty and change are the only certain things – especially in building new software and technical solutions. That’s where “Agile” comes in. Agile means the ability to move and transform quickly and easily. Based on Harvard Business Review findings, 70-90% of innovation projects fail because firms set out resolutely to do something with very little room for error. 

An Agile Delivery Coach can help ensure that whatever the project time and budget allow for, the project delivers maximum best value whilst avoiding scope creep and budget inflation. Their role is to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the right specifications. Read on to learn more about the role of an Agile Delivery Consultant – and find out why they are so essential.

What is an Agile Delivery Consultant?

An Agile consultant is a professional who assists in making project teams more productive and focused. They save time and resources by allowing development teams to identify and correct problems quickly, facilitating communication in a structured yet unconstrained way, reducing project risk, and continuously reducing waste (in time and effort).  They use agile to ensure that all departments and teams involved in a project can work together.

An Agile Delivery Consultant will support a business in  implementing successful change, such as  changes in technology, processes, and culture. Appsbroker, for example, has a super squad of certified Agile Delivery Consultants to work in collaboration with our customers and promote agile culture across projects. This has resulted in Agile values of teamwork, incremental refinement and change readiness in the fast-paced business environment. Once executives, their teams, and their customers absorb these ideas, Agile will change everything.

What are the role capabilities?

In addition to maximising value of time spent (as most projects have a set or target time for conclusion), Agile Delivery Consultants are also coaches that upskill their teams to work in more agile ways. In my opinion the Agile Delivery Consultant’s role is to simultaneously build trust and expertise within agile teams, while advising leaders on the benefits and challenges of implementing agility across the enterprise.

Some of the primary goals of an Agile Delivery Consultant are to oversee that businesses implement the following:

High-quality requirements

Ensuring high-quality requirements is important for a successful project. Requirements need to be well-defined, understood by all team members, and kept up to date, taking Agile principles into account to ensure a comfortable transition for the team that still meets the project’s objective. Requirements should be tracked so that everyone knows where they stand and can see how they are changing over time.


Making sure that all of the work that is done remains visible to the customer is a key part of transparency. This way, they can see what is being done and how it is progressing. Both parties can hence be sure that they are understanding each other’s ideas and goals.


Inspection is a process that helps teams to check if they are meeting their goals and making progress. It is facilitated by the Agile Delivery Consultant as well as all the Scrum Events. This allows team members to inspect the progress being made to synchronise better as well as quickly detect any issues.


When things go wrong during a project, it is important to make adjustments so that the next step in the process is as valuable as the last. By adjusting how a project is run, problems can be minimised, risks can be mitigated and the project can move forward at a good pace.

Why Appsbroker use Agile Delivery Consultants

Agile Delivery Consultants at Appsbroker have extensive experience of working with Agile methods, helping clients reach their full potential. Here are just some of the ways an Agile Delivery Consultant can be of benefit to customers.

If you’re looking for an expert in agile delivery, look no further than Appsbroker. Our Agile Delivery Consultants have years of experience working with agile methods, and can help you reach your full potential. Here are just some of the ways an Agile Delivery Consultant will benefit our customers:


The Agile Delivery Consultant is responsible for organising and facilitating a Discovery Sprint to explore customer needs and find the best solution to be delivered. As a consequence of this, they work collaboratively with the customer SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to create, manage and prioritise a product backlog – a buildup of work that needs to be completed – in order to guarantee high-value deliverables.

During the Development phase, the Agile Delivery Consultant creates a bridge between team and client to aid in the best decision and facilitates all Agile ceremonies that allow our team to be more effective.


Agile is risk management, not a separate area that needs to be controlled. Our Agile Delivery Consultants promote the feedback culture internally and externally of the project. We lower the possibility of creating the incorrect solution by continuously delivering value and receiving feedback early. The Agile Delivery Consultant, in collaboration with Project Managers, ensures transparency on any project risk.


We can say that it is related to the Lean principle titled: “Eliminate waste”. People are aware of the poor communication between those in their respective functional silos. They are aware that the handoffs that “throw it over the wall” cause churn and back and forth behaviour. The Agile Delivery Consultant has assisted our projects in getting rid of the things we don’t need so we can focus on creating useful solutions.


Appsbroker uses Agile to deliver value to customers more frequently and more incrementally, by adding (for example) new features in response to their needs. There is nothing worse for a customer than spending money on a project  that doesn’t work out, especially if we can not provide a solution. In fact, many customers are interested and intrigued  to see the solution take shape as the development team receives additional feedback in each iteration. This is where the Agile Delivery Consultant will assure that feedback has been collected and applied to following iterations within the project.

Final Thoughts 

Our Agile Delivery consultants have helped numerous organisations increase speed, improve visibility and better manage change, having delivered Google Cloud solutions to clients across a diverse set of industries, from a sporting governing body through logistics and automotive firms to financial institutions. Our customers enjoy the benefits of having Agile Delivery consultants in their projects because they help them to drive their business forward at an increased pace and value creation.

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