Keeping your data secure is one of the top priorities of every business. Implementing and using the right security measures is important in order to fully protect your organisation against cyber attacks, which can have significant and serious impacts if not defended against. Here’s how to prevent security threats through proactive monitoring and more with Google Workspace.

IT and security admins who operate in the cloud require tools, visibility and insights to stop threats or gaps in operations before they become security incidents. These tools are only effective at stopping threats if they are correctly deployed, managed and monitored.

Google Workspace Enterprise Security Centre aims to give IT admins and Security Operations teams simpler ways to manage access, control devices, ensure compliance and keep data secure, by actively watching for threats and anomalies or possible data compromises in your Google Workspace environment.

The unified security dashboard allows you to gather and review insights into the security posture for your enterprise and other metrics to demonstrate your security effectiveness in a comprehensive dashboard accessible through the browser.

Some of the ways you can secure your organisation through proactive monitoring with Google Workspace include:

Email Metrics

Use this to identify any unusual spikes in activity that could indicate a malicious incident. Monitor and detect if spam and malware is targeting users.

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Spam or Malicious Email Threats

Identify and use bulk deletion functionality to remove any instances of such messages within the environment.

Gmail Configuration Options

 Configure security checks on automatic email forwarding, DMARC settings, POP/IMAP access and whitelists.

Threat Protection and Analysis

Highlighting unusual activity such as account logon attempts that keep failing, may indicate a compromised account or malicious access attempt. Identify new apps being used for authorisations that are granted with Gmail accounts using OAuth.

Investigative Tools

If you need to conduct an organisation-wide investigation use searches across multiple data sources such as Gmail, Drive and Device logs to gather evidence.

Data Leakage Risks

Examine file sharing to spot and stop potential data exfiltration, identify which files have been shared outside of your organisation, or have triggered DLP rules.


Ensure you apply policies for file sharing, Drive add-ons, offline availability and stringent sign-in requirements.

Sites and Groups

Review group sharing options and evaluate public groups on a case-by-case basis.

Remote Wipe

Suspend accounts or remotely wipe devices that are compromised or running a vulnerable OS version.

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