Watch our must-see Cloud Migration Think Tank series in partnership with Google Cloud on demand and gain clarity on your cloud journey once and for all – no matter what stage your organisation is starting from.

1. Can’t see the wood for the trees?

Assess your on-premise estate and identify your clearest route to the Cloud

For many organisations, the cloud migration journey can feel like venturing into a dense forest: full of unknowns. You can see utopia in the distance – but how do you get there?

Discover our three-part Cloud Migration Think Tank series and learn how to assess your cloud and on-premise estate, identify your clearest route to the Cloud, and grow your business with Google.

Watch the series on demand now to find out how you can unlock up to 76% in cost savings.

2. Uproot and plant new

How to migrate your applications and data to the Cloud

Once you have a clear view of your estate, it’s time to plan your path to the Cloud. 

One size doesn’t fit all, which is why there are multiple tools and paths available to make your migrations as risk-free and efficient as possible. 

Whether it’s an urgent exit to avoid another three-year commit to your data centre, a need to modernise in place to gain agility, or a traditional lift and shift, we’ve got you covered.

3. Splitting your acreage

Monolith to microservices: A microservice approach to cloud efficiency

Finally, we explore the containerised approach to migration to future-proof your cloud strategy, as what works for you today may change in the future. 

Discover the latest and greatest tools from Google Cloud and leave enriched with innovative ideas, new skills and new ways of working as we guide you through splitting your acreage in our final session.

Whether you’re a CIO, IT Manager or Head of Infrastructure/Data looking to accelerate your cloud migration strategy – or an Engineer/Developer seeking to expand your cloud migration implementation knowledge – this series is for you.

Watch the entire Cloud Migration Think Tank series on demand today to kick-start your cloud journey.

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