According to a recent study, the need for cloud security skills will grow by 115% over the next five years. Google Cloud security skills in particular are among the fastest growing in the industry. Here’s how we’re helping organisations fill cloud skill and knowledge gaps and build robust security solutions from the ground up.

As more organisations move to the Cloud and adopt hybrid remote working models, cloud security skills have never been more paramount. Many companies will have had to ‘make do’ security-wise amid the rapid shift to homeworking in 2020. 18 months on, security loopholes are now beginning to show. The bottom line? It’s time to take action.

Our Safe Future educational security track is designed to directly address the cloud security skills shortage and help your organisation deeply embed security best practices from the ground up, as you grow. 

Read on to discover how your business can realise its cloud security aspirations and deliver on the promise of Zero Trust security today.

Access free, on-demand Google Cloud security content

Our Safe Future educational security track offers weekly actionable insights and tips on how to overcome your biggest security challenges using Google Cloud’s tried and tested Zero Trust (BeyondCorp) security framework.

By signing up to our security track, you’ll also receive the latest industry news and updates that are impacting your industry, plus the latest security information from Google Cloud and Appsbroker.

We’ll also be providing videos and podcasts featuring conversations between security and industry experts. In these episodes, we’ll be discussing your top security questions and providing advice, as well as showcasing demos and new Google Cloud security features.

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Attend exclusive, virtual cloud security training sessions

By joining our security community, you’ll get access to exclusive think tanks and webinar sessions once a month.

Our virtual security sessions provide a unique opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice in a supportive environment. There will be experts on hand to answer any pressing questions you may have.

Plus, to help you jump-start your security journey, we’ll be offering free GCP vouchers on us so you can secure your business sooner rather than later! 

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Meet your cloud security track leader, Mike Smith!

We carefully hand-pick our educational track leaders to provide you with the best possible experience and insights. With that said, we’re delighted to introduce our CISO, Security Practice Lead, and Safe Future Track Leader, Mike Smith. So, what’s in a name?

Mike is a keen technologist and security professional who blends leadership with security prowess. Mike has a unique ability to translate any given business requirements into actionable solutions.

He has over 20 years of experience working in a diverse range of organisations across payments, banking and finance, service providers, and defence and security to name a few.

Above all else, Mike is an enthusiastic security evangelist who spearheads our Safe Future security track!

why choose Appsbroker for Google Cloud security?

At Appsbroker, cloud security is the backbone of what we do. Not only do we regularly audit our own processes to keep your data safe, but we help organisations ensure security is deeply embedded into every corner of their business.

Backed by the highest international accreditations for quality and security (ISO9001 and ISO27001), you can count on us to deliver on the promise of Zero Trust security – powered by Google Cloud’s watertight infrastructure.

We’re delighted to now be able to share our security knowledge and expertise with like-minded organisations who are ready to take the next step and ensure a safe future for their business and customers alike. Click the button below to find out more.

Sign up to our educational security track, ‘Safe Future’ to join our security community and start implementing cloud security best practices today.

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