In response to the anticipated increase in remote working, Google Cloud is offering users access to the Premium edition of its communications platform, Meet. These features will be made available to all users on free, Basic and Business Google Workspace licences.

This gratuitous move from Google will enable businesses to retain productivity and run effective meetings ahead of the anticipated rise in remote working in the coming weeks. However, to take advantage, your administrator will have to make some slight tweaks within the Google Workspace admin panel.

In light of this move and to help users make the most of the Enterprise features, we’ve listed our top five favourite things about Google Meet:

1. Up to 250 participants per call

Hold truly global, private meetings with larger teams than available on Google Meet Basic and Business.

2. Enterprise performance and security

As with all elements of Google Cloud Platform, Meet uses the same underlying infrastructure that Google itself runs on. That means you can expect fantastic call quality, virtually no latency and absolute security. 

3. Seamless mobile experience

With remote working comes challenges around access. Google Meet has a fantastic, easy to use mobile app that enables users to access any meeting on the go; truly mobile working. 

4. Meeting notes that you can’t contest 

How often after meetings do you struggle to remember what actions were agreed upon? Meet has a recording feature which can be enabled through clicking the three-dot ellipsis for distributing after the meeting is finished. Just be sure to check everyone knows they are on camera!

5. Hold public forums

In addition to the extended private meetings, as part of the Enterprise features Meet users will also be able to setup live-streaming links to the public for up to 100,000 people, the perfect platform for taking your event digital. 

Download the fact sheet to find out more about the impressive collaboration features Google Workspace offers.