With a security model known for providing one of the most secure and compliant clouds available, Google Cloud has proved that it will keep striving to build an ever-more robust offering in its recent acquisition of Israeli cybersecurity start-up, Siemplify.

The company, which launched in 2015, provides a security platform to many of the world’s leading security teams, from Fortune 500 companies to world-class MSPs. Alongside Google Cloud’s commitment to cybersecurity, it promises to drive innovation and help expand its offering to many more security teams across the world.

This comes after Google Cloud’s recent commitment to investing $10 billion in cybersecurity over the next five years.

Read more in Google Cloud’s blog post.

Google Cloud Security: What’s Next?

Alongside Google Cloud’s $10 billion commitment, it’s been promised that over 100,000 Americans will be trained in fields like IT support and data analytics, which will heavily involve the in-demand skills needed for data privacy and security. 

Google Cloud is also extending its Zero Trust security model, which inherently distrusts any person, device or network in order to substantially improve an organisation’s defence in depth strategy – an approach being adopted by the White House. 

A Secure Future with Appsbroker and Google Cloud

At Appsbroker, our ethos is to deliver on the promise of Zero Trust security – and we want to empower you to do the same.  

We work across a wide range of sectors including retail, financial services, manufacturing and industry, and media and entertainment. We understand that no two organisations are the same – so why should your compliance requirements be?

No matter your business challenge or industry, we’ll work with you to modernise your existing applications, data and infrastructure – or to build net new – while meeting strict compliance requirements.

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