High Performance Computing (HPC) has an irreplaceable role in research, managing complex simulations and vast volumes of data to run a wide variety of important workloads such as human genome analysis.

However, HPC is traditionally the domain of large premises-based systems – and faced with current global challenges, this can create difficulties in continuing these vital research projects. For those being suddenly forced to work remotely, it can become impossible to access the compute clusters of your university or organisation.

Fortunately, the cloud offers a unique opportunity for researchers to take advantage of current technologies and continue their activities unhindered. Using cloud HPC on Google Cloud Platform, you can dynamically create a Slurm cluster to run your workload, fully remotely.

Through the ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence) capability, which is a joint initiative between Google Cloud, Intel and Appsbroker, you can safely trial core workloads on a fully cloud-based HPC solution.

This uses the latest and most powerful Xeon Scalable Processor generation 2 (Cascade Lake) chipset from Intel as well as the enormous scalability and reliability of Google Cloud Platform. Appsbroker’s delivery experience lets you deploy easily and rapidly, building on our many years of experience in supporting educational and research institutions to test out their high-performance and high-throughput workloads in a cloud-based environment.

There are even credits available for eligible organisations to test out a dynamic cluster at no cost, helping you assess the potential value of moving workloads to the cloud to continue working remotely in these challenging times.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you leverage HPC on Google Cloud, or visit our Extreme Cloud website.