Tim Berry, Head of Cloud Training at Appsbroker Academy, sat down with Elise Cockerton, Change & Culture Specialist at BT Group, to discuss how Appsbroker is accelerating adoption in the Cloud by helping BT Group to upskill its people.

At a C2C event filmed at the Google office in St. Pancras, London, the pair discussed the collaboration that includes a Google Cloud learning pathway, product-based boot camps and certification programmes. The aim is to help BT Group employees adopt and use Google Cloud to transform the business with innovative solutions.

As an Authorised Training Partner (ATP) for Google Cloud, Appsbroker Academy has a proven track record of delivering successful training programmes. This article contains an overview of some the learning opportunities we offer, and their business benefits.

What’s involved?

Throughout the year, we’re focusing on several key areas of education and development. First, a Google Cloud learning pathway for employees who want to become data experts. Second, product-based boot camps for employees who need to learn specific tools. And finally, certification programmes for Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning Engineers.

This combines both instructor-led training and self-paced learning, with a focus on real-world applications designed to be relevant to the business, tools and technologies that BT uses.

And because BT Group is a mature organisation already in the cloud, the training is tailored to their specific needs. We deliver 12 hours of instructor-led training per week in a hybrid format, with on-demand content and sandbox environments. 

Watch the full session below:

Which Google Cloud products are being used?

BigQuery leverages machine learning to automate data quality rules – scanning disparate and dynamic datasets, detecting anomalies, discovering sensitive data – all of which help you improve the quality, accessibility, and governance of your data. BigQueryML allows you to build forecasting models at scale, plus learn how to schedule model re-training on a regular basis so that your forecasts.

Cloud SQL is a fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server. This frees you from database administration tasks so that you have more time to manage your data.

Vertex AI provides purpose built tools for data scientists and ML engineers to efficiently and responsibly automate, standardize, and manage ML projects throughout the entire development life cycle. Using Vertex AI you can easily train, test, monitor, deploy, and govern ML models at scale, reducing the work needed to maintain model performance in production and enabling data scientists and ML engineers to focus on innovation code. 

Cloud Spanner decouples compute resources from data storage, which makes it possible to transparently scale in and out processing resources. Each additional compute capacity can process both reads and writes, providing effortless horizontal scalability. Spanner optimises performance by automatically handling the sharding, replication, and transaction processing.

Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed Google service that allocates a pool of worker VMs to execute the pipeline. You don’t need to provision or manage these VMs. When the job completes or is cancelled, Dataflow automatically deletes the VMs. You’re billed for the compute resources that your job uses.

How will this learning help accelerate Cloud adoption?

The goal is to create “platform-level thinking” for BT employees. This means that employees will not be able to use Google Cloud and understand how it fits into BT’s overall IT infrastructure. As a result, BT employees should be more innovative, with the ability to create solutions tailored to BT’s specific needs.

And in terms of driving lasting change, the programme we’ve designed will allow it to grow organically within BT. That way, skills and knowledge employees learn can be shared with others, so BT can become even more cloud-savvy over time.


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